Enjoy continuous music in every room and outdoor space. Or listen to the radio in the kitchen, a podcast in the study and your favorite album on the deck. Crystal clear sound, wherever you are. All without a cable or speaker in sight.
Lending equal weight to form and function, AVL takes into account the acoustics, design and aesthetic of each space and creates integrated audio systems that blend seamlessly with the architectural style of any given space.

By working alongside architects at the construction drawings phase, AVL designs audio systems that conceal the unsightly elements, whilst providing consistent, high quality sound, delivered by equipment that is as durable as it is reliable.


From family rooms to conference rooms, AVL delivers high definition video to as many screens as you wish.

A well-designed video system at home ensures that TVs are positioned and mounted intelligently, with uninterrupted sightlines, concealed wiring and hidden components.
For larger properties and resorts, AVL creates systems that distribute the signal to every corner and to multiple devices, keeping the audio-visual hardware out of sight on a central rack, where the cabling is neat, tidy and properly labeled.

AVL also designs and engineers home theatres, taking into account visibility and seating, lighting, audio reflections and containment, sound distribution, projectors, and screens, to give you an immersive entertainment experience.

However sophisticated your requirements may be, we make the complex technology behind the screen easy to use, with a single touch panel or remote that allows you to control all your systems, at the press of a few buttons.


Lighting control systems don’t only eliminate the need to manually switch dozens of lights on or off as day turns to night. They also create the right mood, setting the scene for sunset, dinner or movie night, at the touch of a button.
From a single room in your home to an entire resort, AVL has the expertise and eye for design to create elegant lighting systems that will enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces, highlighting key architectural or landscaping features, adding dramatic contrast or creating a sense of intimacy.

AVL’s intelligent, integrated lighting systems allow you dim, turn on or turn off multiple lights with a single button, keypad, touch panel or mobile device. Programmed scenes easily create sophisticated ambiances, whilst ‘away’ settings switch off all non-essential lights at once. Programmed schedules increase security, by automatically switching on certain lights at pre-set times, whether you’re at home or away.


Enhance your privacy, reduce heat gain, protect interiors from the damaging effects of UV radiation and keep cooling costs down with automated shades and drapes.

An effortless alternative to opening and closing multiple drapes or hard-to-reach shades, automated systems allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering a room throughout the day.

Let the early morning light pour in, create a shady retreat for an afternoon nap, or close drapes at night when interiors are lit up.

AVL designs, supplies and installs automated shades and drapes, guaranteeing they are elegant and properly integrated into your project.


Robust cabling is the backbone of all your home or business systems. Neglect this essential part of the infrastructure and all your other systems become vulnerable. We use sophisticated qualification tools to measure the performance of our networks before handover, ensuring optimum performance before devices are plugged in and connected.

WiFi is now an intrinsic part of our lives. Whether at home, work or on vacation, we all carry devices that need to connect wirelessly, so a robust WiFi network is essential. Our wireless access points are carefully deployed to ensure the signal reaches every space where it is needed but remain out of sight.